Virginia, our founder, brings over 17 years of highest level event creation experience to VKL Consulting Group, LLC planning weddings, social, corporate and not-for-profit events and business meetings.

Ms Lionberger is a professionally trained artist who earned her BFA and MFA degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design, and she studied in Italy for 2 years on RISD’s European Honors Program.  During that time she learned the essence of “simple elegance”, which now translates into all of her event creations.  You will see her art in everything Virginia does.

Virginia has been a pioneering female entrepreneur in Chicago for years. She owned an architectural manufacturers representation agency, ran her own art production company developing “useable art” and for several years she supported upper level executives in corporate America.  Her duties included corporate event planning and she loved it!  She loved it so much she began her own event planning company, Mane Event, LLC that flourished for 8 years planning and producing glorious weddings, bridal boutiques and corporate and not-for-profit events.

VKL Consulting Group, LLC, then, is the distillation, the essence of the knowledge and experience that Virginia has gathered in her years of entrepreneurship and in event creation and orchestration.

Virginia loves working with clients to ensure that their event dreams do, in fact, come true. She approaches the planning and direction of an event as she would any of her pieces of artwork: carefully designed and classically presented to be a true, organic “masterpiece” and you are the inspiration as well as the beneficiary!