December 1, 2017

The Ways a Catering Sales Manager and Wedding Planner Differ

The roles of both the Catering Sales Manager (CSM) and the Wedding Planner/Coordinator (WPC) are extremely important entities for a successful event and are complementary forces. In that same vein, they each have separate and very different job functions and should not be depended on to do the job of the other. Having this information and knowing what you should expect will help you get the necessary support staff in place for your wedding day. Once you have booked a wedding with a venue their CSM will help you plan your menu, room set up and create the banquet event […]
August 11, 2017

Do I Need a Wedding Consultant?

A consultant will be a distinct asset as you plan your wedding.  Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your spouse, your families, and friends, rather than worrying about all the details of your special day? An experienced, proven professional consultant will take care of those details, leaving you to have the fun. And on your wedding day, you shine as the star while your consultant works behind the scenes to make your dreams come true.”  Courtesy of Association of Bridal Consultants
June 27, 2017

Calihan Catering Vendor Spotlight

Despite our delay in blogging… we are finally back with an interview with Virginia Kinnard Lionberger. Virginia is the owner of VKL Consulting Group and is a true veteran to the industry. Take a peek below for this exclusive and fun interview you can’t get anywhere else!  Calihan: How did you get started in the wedding planning industry? VKL: In June 2001 I left corporate America, where I had been an Executive Assistant to C level executives, to start Mane Event, LLC, my first event planning company, planning corporate events.  After that horrible day in Sept. corporate events were few […]
June 16, 2017

Hire a Professional Wedding Consultant

The experienced, professional planner can take all the strain out of the wedding planning process and you and your beloved are always the decision makers. The experienced, professional planner will pair you with the perfect venue and vendors according to your dreams, visions, and budget. These planners have spent countless hours familiarizing themselves with all the professionals in the industry and have established relationships with them which translate to a perfectly personalized, easy, carefree and exquisite wedding experience for you and your beloved, your families and guests. The best piece of advice that any wedding vendor and/or venue will give […]
May 16, 2017

You’re engaged!! How exciting!!

Now you have the daunting task of organizing a magnificent day for you and your beloved, your families and friends. Planning a wedding is like building a house of cards…each decision affects the next one. It can be a lot of fun or a really big headache. This blog will begin a series of fourteen blogs that will guide you through the many steps that go into planning a wedding and the goal of all the blogs is to help you have fun throughout the entire process right down to the BIG DAY. So let’s start having fun, the very […]
March 7, 2017
Virginia Kinnard Lionberger

Vendor Spotlight: Virginia Kinnard Lionberger of VKL Consulting Group

Name: Virginia Kinnard Lionberger Title/Position: Principal/Lead Event Consultant of VKL Consulting Group, LLC Specialty: We specialize in the art and the science of event creation and management (Weddings, Corporate and Not-for-Profit) and we practice our craft with integrity and genuine care for our clients, their guests and their events. CHEZ: How long have you been in the events industry? V.K.L.: 17+ years CHEZ: Describe what you/your company does in one sentence? V.K.L.: Building on years of event expertise, artistry and sophistication, we custom design extraordinarily creative events, that exceed our clients’ expectations, delight their guests and generate years of lovely […]